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Eco-Oil is pleased to announce its acquisition by Hydrodec (UK) Limited.

Placing Eco-Oil within the Hydrodec Group gives it many more resources for business today and a clear focus for an exciting and sustainable future.

Hyrdodec

We are a leading UK waste oil and garage waste services provider and supplier of industrial fuel oil.


Waste Oil Services


Cost-effective hazardous waste recovery and recycling via a national network ensures the management and disposal of your waste is quick, safe and environmentally friendly.


Waste Oil


Garage Waste


MARPOL (Marine) Waste


We can guide you through the process of safely removing and recycling waste in the best way for your company. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Fuel Oil


We import and distribute fuel oil to industrial clients and produce and supply recycled fuel oil (EFO) as an economical and environmentally positive alternative to virgin fuel oil.


Fuel Oil Sales

    Contact us to discuss your fuel requirements.